Aarnav Industries Private Limited

Aarnav Industries Private Limited

The Power of History.

Aarnav Industries Pvt. Ltd. has been incorporated in the year 2012 for taking over the “Narol Unit” of M/s. Omkar Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. which itself was originally founded by Shri Champalal Agarwal and later on handed over to his elder brother pursuant to the family partition in the year 2008. It has mainly concentrated on the bed linen, suiting, curtains, etc. The Narol unit of erstwhile company has achieved the total sales volume of Rs. 300.00 Crore during the F.Y.2018-19 & Rs.261.00 Crore in the F.Y.2017-18. This is expected cross the level of Rs. 350.00 Crore in the year 2019-20. And the annual Turnover of the Company (in terms of the full value of cloth processed) is around Rs. 400.00 Crore.

Wider Width Machines

  • J BOX
  • Continuous Bleaching Range (CBR)
  • Fully automatic Jigger Machines
  • Hydraulic Maxi Jigger
  • Jumbo Jigger
  • Continuous Padding
  • Mercerizing Machine (Menzel)
  • Rotary (MHMS/ Laxmi)
  • Fully Automatics Flat-bed Machines
  • Weft Stenter Machines( Montex/Dhall)
  • Drying Range
  • Winch Washing
  • Calendar

Stiching Unit

  • Juki machines
  • Line stich Interlock
  • Zigzag

Production Capacity

  • 35000 bed sets per month